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Who we are

Alfaplast was born in 1989 by the passion that has always distinguished my work from the beginning, which, for about 40 years, has been dealing with plastic molding’s world and that I am still carrying out with competence and satisfaction, thanks to the precious collaboration of my wife Mariagrazia and of my employees. Products quality, staff’s competence and workings’ care have allowed us to establish ourselves at national and international level and to excel in our sector. Quality, technical competence and service are the main elements of Alfaplast corporate strategy.

However today we are facing a new great global challenge and  Alfaplast is ready to accept it. Plastic has been a revolution. Even more, maybe, it has been twentieth century REVOLUTION . In fact plastic has changed our way of conceiving things, it has allowed an explosion of consumption and, consequently, of industrial production: excellent material, even accessible to the weakest classes of society, it has a versatility that no other material has ever reached.

The main problem is given by the wrong use of plastic. The lack of civic sense, combined with a bad waste management, has brought to an incredible dispersion of plastic products in the environment. Italy, contrary to what anyone may think, is a very advanced country in terms of fighting pollution from plastics with virtuous realities from North to South.

We too, being part of this sector, are trying to respond to legitimate consumer requests by reducing, for example, the use of raw materials, implementing energy saving interventions in the processes, working on the eco-design of products in favor of greater recyclability, or by launching collaborative projects along the supply chain to encourage collection and recycling.

Our commitment has always been to use the resources as much as possible, to obtain their maximum value while being utilized and, subsequently, to recover and regenerate waste, because the attention to the environment and the reduction of waste makes not only the circular economy growing but it has positive effects on our market with interesting growth opportunities for the whole sector.

Due to global trends being increasingly oriented towards eco-sustainability, it is essential today to reduce any waste of raw materials to the minimum possible. Plastic included. Alfaplast has always been committed to implementing a more virtuous production and consumption cycle, with a view to circular economy.

Today within our company, when allowed by current regulations, during the production cycle the waste of the individual processes are used again through a grinding procedure, so that they can be put back into the same cycle again, allowing us to have total control of the production.

We have patiently worked to educate our customers to recover the materials used at the end of their product life; that is possible through processes which make the recycled plastic material an SRM (Secondary Raw Material), giving a new life to the recycled material for various uses.

This is because no material has the same recyclability and versatility as plastic. Alfaplast is committed to implementing a more virtuous production and consumption cycle, with a view to the circular economy, by recycling everything’s possible and by minimizing water consumption.

Therefore our mission is still the highest customer satisfaction, in compliance with its inner and clear expectations and needs, but today it is also the commitment to minimize the impact that our work has on the environment and on human being.

All our processes are performed with molds being produced by specialized high-precision workshops which utilize high technology in order to guarantee the market highest quality standards. In particular, we have molds capable of performing In-Mold Labeling (IML). The label is placed in the mold, and through an injection procedure, it is being incorporated into the article.